What Is Done To Enhance The Performance Of The Clutch?

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First of all, you need to know what a clutch is. A clutch is something that allows the car to be driven smoothly. It connects the engine with the wheels. Whenever a clutch is pressed, it disconnects the engine so that the car can move freely. A clutch is used when you come to a stop because it is only then that the car should stop whereas the wheels are not moving but you want the engine to stay on and not just turn off like that. 

Now coming to the functions of a clutch. The clutch helps in transmitting the torque to the drive train for the engine. It is necessary so that the ride is not as bumpy but a smooth one. A clutch delivers the power by getting it from the engine and helping the car achieve the goal of having a smooth ride for its passengers. 

Many people get confused to know that only manual transmission cars have a clutch and not the automatic transmission cars. The engine and the transmission meet each other at the bell housing which actually has the torque converter for the automatic cars unlike that in the manual transmission cars. 

There are different types of clutches that exist. First of all, there is Dry Clutch, this scion frs performance clutch does not need a lubricant to be applied on it and the torque transmitting of these dry clutches is better in comparison. The second type of clutch is a Wet Clutch, in these type of clutches, a lubricant is applied to emerge heat from the friction caused on the contact of the surfaces present. Here the torque transmitting capacity is generally reduced because of the lubricant that is applied on it before hand. 

There are some precautions to be taken before using a car that has a clutch, that is a manual transmission car. And those precautions are to fully press and release the clutch just as you change the gears and stop the car. The clutch loses its functionality if the pedal is only half pressed and so the most wear and tear is done then. 

Another precaution is to use brake instead of the clutch to hold the car still on a hill or a steep slope. The third would be to avoid parking your car in gear, although it is easier to do that and many people find it convenient, it puts a lot of pressure on the clutch disc which might result in an adverse effect on the clutch and so the car would not be driven as smoothly as it did before. 

Another basic one is very important because people usually so not follow it, do not change the gears when there Is no need. A constant speed of the car is always preferred. For more information, please log on to https://www.manticclutch.com/clutches-kits

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